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WARNING: Really freaking long entry below!

Despite claims to write more consistently, I should like to apologize for my lack of entries. But I'm simultaneously proud and disappointed to announce that I have a reason.

Frankly, I'm bored.

While I do intend to go back to school next January, that's still quite a while away. And until then, if I'm not working, I'm probably not doing anything, negating the possibility of having things to write about. As I've mentioned many times in the past, a majority of my friends no longer live in the same state as me. The few that are left are either still relatively far away (and I don't drive) or will be leaving shortly as well. In the end, this means I need to find other ways of amusing myself. But even this has proven exceedingly difficult as of late.

You see, my fallback entertainment would be to rely on gaming, anime or movies. But so far, it's been a miserable year for all three. On the gaming front, I can admit that soon, good looking titles like Tales of Symphonia, Star Ocean 3, Shadow Hearts 2 and Phantom Brave will all be coming out. On the other hand, these are all RPGs (prol'ly exceptionally long ones, due to mass demand for 50-100 hour games these days) which all come out within a three month period. So, sadly, as bored as I am, I fear I won't have the time to deal with them.

And the anime industry has just been terrible this year. Most "new" titles have been nothing more than re-releases, and as far as anything truly new; it's all been mediocre at best, and/or limited only to Japan for the time being. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful store in the city which sells import titles cheap and without tax. (Here I bought the first half of Fullmetal Alchemist, my new favorite anime, which won't be brought to America until sometime next year.) However, despite the greatness of this store, it's REALLY out of the way. It's roughly a 2 and a half hour trip to get there, then again to get back, so it's not like I can go back any time I want.

Good movies have also been lacking this year. (White Chicks, anyone?) Granted there have been a handful of good movies, (Spider Man 2, Kill Bill Vol. 2, Eternal Sunshine) I can't help but think there's little to look forward to beyond them.

What else could I do? How about reading? I'm too damn picky. (a real problem with me...) I've read about 4 "real" books (not including sequels) in the past 3 years. Everything else is a manga which takes no more than an hour for me to read anyway. Lately, I've skimmed the library to find books to read. I usually get no further than page 20 before I'm insanely bored and give up.

As for my other hobbies (and my goals in life) I would usually resort to drawing or writing. In fact, I've been commissioned by a friend to do a piece for her. I've proudly done an excellent start, with probably one of the most impressive designs I've ever commit to paper. But since then, here I am, a week and a half later, unable to draw anything with any sort of admirable talent. It's as though all my drawing ability went into this first part, so now I'm completely drained and no longer capable of drawing. I only have until the end of the summer to finish this though, so I wish I'd get my skills back.

Lastly, there's writing. I'd say I've got somewhere around 30 solid story concepts. However, I've recently come to the realization that while I personally love these stories and would love for the world to see them, I still have no real "drive" to write them. I've even considered the possibility of "Hey, what if I write one that ends up a best-seller and I make millions of dollars?". I still don't feel obligated. But if countless riches isn't enough drive, what the hell is? Instead, my focus shifts, and soonafter, I come up with a brand new genius concept destined to never be written...


So, there you have it: a whiny, angsty rant on boredom. Probably not thrilling. (hey, I was bored... heh...) But at least I wrote an entry, eh? And prol'ly one of my longest ever.

::Erhem:: And now that I've kept myself entertained for the past hour writing this, I'll go struggle to find something else to keep me busy until I go to work. Maybe I'll find something to do. Hopefully I will.

...... ...... ......

Please note: I accept suggestions...

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