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"I done a good jorb."

Well, now that I've said I'd write more consistently, I've found myself having little or nothing to write about. (figures...) On top of which, I haven't had much time to do update either. You see, I finally got more hours at my job. I've been begging and pleading for a year, and now I finally got those hours. (I've mentioned this before. Don't remember? Look back two or three entries. It was ONLY a year ago.)

So, I've worked a lot of very full days lately. And while I'm not one to complain about having work to do, I'm not used to full days. They feel longer than they actually are merely 'cause I'm not used to it.

Incidentally, that being my reason for my lack of news, is also my only real news... Hmm... There must be something else I can mention...



Meh, I'm too tired. I'll come back and write something tomorrow when I haven't worked all day previously.

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