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How unexpected...

Not only did I get a response, but I got TWO! Within the very same day I wrote the entry! Holy craparoni and cheese! Um... well, needless to say, I'm a little shocked. Somewhat flattered, but still shocked.

Erhem... in case those still reading are curious, my nearly year long hiatus is due to a number of reasons. For starters, within the first month since my last entry, I kept not being able to gather my thoughts. You know, the "this situation was cool when it happened, but makes a boring story to tell" kinda thing. On top of which I lost use of my computer 3 times. Virus, service switch, and really freaking bad virus, respectively.

The service change, being another big thing. One day we decided that AOL just sucked, and decided to move to Optimum. This led to a change in my screen name AND phone number. Plus, I never told about 90% of my friends about either of those changes... (heh, sorry...) I'm not totally sure why though. I guess that makes me a clueless moron. Yaaaaay!

Finally, at some point, it was over half a year since my last entry. Me, being the self-proclaimed perfectionist that I am, couldn't just come back after all that time with a dinky story about nothing. It had to be grandiose and epic! Of course, this is MY life we're talking about, so nothing grandiose and/or epic actually occured. And therefore, I wrote nothing.

I'm a clod, I know. And I'm also aware that this probably among the dumbest stories you've probably ever read. (certainly not epic...) But if there are still people willing to read my completely mindless rants, than I suppose I'll just have to rant mindlessly more often so that they may be read by you who is reading them. (no redundance whatsoever) Bwa ha ha ha!

Anyway, in a more down-to-earth and friendly way of saying it... thanks for reading. I'll write more.

(What a solemn conclusion... It's been too long since I last did this; I must be getting rusty...)

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