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I am not wearing a pink kimono... it's magenta! Which is like twenty times more manly than pink!

The Big Apple Anime Fest (or BAAF) is this weekend, starting Friday, and I already know today, that it will be 100% impossible for me to go. I'll be busy all weekend, and really have to be more practical with my funds right now anyway... which kinda sucks really.

I first heard about this convention, last year, two days after it ended. I told myself, I'm gonna go to that next year, because it sounds cool and I love this stuff. Plus, it'd be a learning experience; I've never been to an convention of any kind. I wanna be in the voice-acting contest and kick ass doing so, and cosplay as my samurai-protege, Kenshin, and watch anime movies all day, and buy useless trinkets to display all over my room and meet some single anime-loving girl who's looking for a long-haired, geek artist like me. Well, there's the best case scenario, but hey, I can dream.

Unfortunately, that's not happening though. It's pretty much impossible. Work hours finally came up and if I turn it down once, they'll think I don't want the hours anymore. Plus, the money I'm making now, will be necessary if I want to go to college again, which, whether I like it or not, is significantly more important. Curse you, adulthood...

However, I'm about ready to book Labor Day weekend next year... now. For an "otaku" like myself, preventing me from a convention is like preventing me from eating... it's just cruel. And I'll not stand for this again. I'm preparing for next year's BAAF now. This way, nothing will stop me, lest a giant meteor fall on top of New York City... which would probably suck a lot... But since I'd say the odds of that are pretty slim, NOTHING will stop me! WAH HA HA HA HA HA!

It's all about determination, that it is...

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