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You'll live to regret this, Katharine Gibbs! Or you would, rather, had you still been alive now!

Okay, so maybe with my last entry, I was overreacting a little. But then, that's what I do. I overreact. I excel at such. But either way, I'm still in a bit of a pickle.

Rewind my life to about this time one year ago. I was ready to go the great and mighty Katherine Gibbs School Arts and Technology Center. I had found the college that dreams were made out of. And upon my first time time setting foot in that building, I was quadruply impressed. (silly word...) During the first semester, everything was going according to plan as everything was perfect and just as they'd promised. Sure, Digital Editing sucked, but it's just ONE class, right?

Second semester rolls around and 4 art classes are brought down to 1, and Digital Editing remains. But it'll get better.

Third semester: no art classes. There is more Editing, accompanied by a film production class and the ever boring sound class. But it'll get better... right?

Fourth semester marks the reappearance of of 1 art class: storyboarding, an absolutely wonderful class in every respect. However, yet more Editing, another film class, the ever fun but tedious and ridiculously difficult 3D modeling class, and a speaking skills class... Um... but it will get better... maybe, if I'm lucky...?

But that's just what they want me to think. 'Cause it's not getting better and the school year is done come THIS December. And then I would be going out into the real world at NINETEEN YEARS OF AGE with a portfolio composed of damn near nothing except for demo reels for EDITING! And then when I don't get a job in any field I want, I wonder as I'm flipping burgers at McDonalds for the next 50 years, (unmarried and still trying to pay the money back to my family) why I decided to go to this "Gibbs" place anyway.

Well, to put a long story short, I've officially quit. Unfortunately, due to my expectations of it getting better, I now lack the money to go directly INTO another college right now. Not to mention the fact that I'm having an immensely hard time finding what I want in either cartooning or writing... ::sigh:: And this alone has set me back a year, and will probably set me back another at the rate I'm going.

I don't know, is this really overreacting? Probably not. The school lied to me and I fell for it. I wasted a year of my life as well as however much money. To go even further, my next choice HAS to be perfect next time. My parents didn't take this so well now. They'll kill me or something if I decide I don't like the next school.

What pisses me off even more than all this in some frivolous way, is that I'm going to need take as much OT at my job as I can to get money. And either way I'll still have to skip the upcoming anime convention for the second year in a row due to a lack of time and money.

I need an answer...

But until I get that answer, I'm basically doomed to not do anything for a while, which in its own right, sucks. Damn suckiness... ::groan:: I guess that means I'm back in my old "the world sucks and I hate everything" groove. Which also sucks, 'cause I hate hating things...

NOTE: If anybody knows any schools anywhere that fit my aspirations, feel free to let me know. Don't go out of your way, it IS technically my problem, but I'm willing to accept help. Thanks.

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