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The Not So Grand Finale...?!

On the last day of school last semester, they told us several times over and over again with great repetition, that we were to come to school on this Monday... (or yesterday, rather...) to pick up the books we'd be using for the following semester... (or tomorrow, rather...) We were also told that if we did not go, we would not get the books at all, and be thoroughly screwed over.

Upon arriving to school yesterday (via bus because of lack of better transport) I found out that the building was closed, and that they had a change of plans and would now be giving them to us on our first day back. (which makes more sense anyway...) But now I'm stuck at a closed school, with an hour 'til the next bus comes, and no new books to look through.

Apparently, they had sent a note in the mail about this change of plans. And it was certainly relieving to find this note in our mailbox... the day after. I swear, it's a great school but they're about as organized as amoebas...

ANYway, that means today was my last day off before the new semester begins, (and just everyone else in the world starts their vacations!) and boy was it ever a letdown. Not in a bad way, but I was just hoping for a little more something to happen.


I don't know what I was trying to get at with that whole story. Just something to say...

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