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JED's Life: The Complete First Season! Now Available on DVD!

Because I've been busy lately, I haven't been able to update this in a long time, but believe me when I say a lot has happened. Well, for me anyway... Either way, I now have a lot of free time and have decided to keep all you readers... all two of you... maybe three if I'm lucky... up to date with the recent events in my life.

Of course, I have nothing better to do with my time, and have decided to take a creative approach in explaining this. My life over the past nine months, is now a 26-episode anime series! It's no masterpiece, mind you... but it gave me something to so for like two hours or so...

1st DVD contains 5 whole episodes!

1. DAMN! This Stuff is Heavy! JED's First Day of School.

2. WAIT! There's Only One Girl in my Class? JED's Realization.

3. GROAN! Digital Editing Sucks! The Teacher's a Valley Girl!

4. PSEUDO-REVERSE-PEDOPHILIA! Meeting the Girl from the Other Class. But She's Four Years Older!

5. LOST! Miranda Offers JED a Ride Home! But Levittown is all Curved Streets?


- JED's Drawings, Approximate Weight of School Supplies, Map of Levittown, Revised Bread Commercial

2nd DVD contains 4 whole episodes!

6. ENEMY! Blue Monday is my Rival! But it's So Good!?

7. BOO! Halloween at an Art School! Doesn't Anyone Wear Costumes?

8. SHRIEK! The Haunted House Isn't Scary! Jesus Apparently Can't Save the Jewish...?

9. TEARS! Is Miranda Turning JED down? JED's Depression Continues.


- JED's Drawings, Blue Monday Exerpts, Interactive "(not so)Haunted House" Mini-Game

3rd DVD Contains 4 whole episodes!

10. MERRY! Christmas Finally Arrives! JED regresses to a 5 Year Old!

11. OBSESSION! Suikoden 3 Has Stolen JED's Soul! Will He Ever Stop Playing?

12. RETURN! JED's Ex-Girlfriend from 5 Years Ago Revisits for the First Time Unexpectedly! And She's Still Cute!

13. SYNOPSIS! Recap of Everything So Far Again! Why Not?


- JED's Drawings, JED's Christmas List to Santa, Suikoden 3 Advertisements, JED and Alena: The History

4th DVD Contains 4 whole episodes!

14. LOVELY! "His and Her Circumstances" is the Best Romantic Comedy Anime Ever! It's Actually Romantic AND Comical!

15. SCARY! JED is Invited to a Sweet Sixteen! It Sucked Anyway, But Then a Sniper Showed Up Down the Block!

16. FANBOY! An Anime Convention in August! It's a Long Way Off But JED'll Kill if He Must To Get There!

17. FAREWELL! JED's Ex-Girlfriend Moves Back, But They Keep in Touch This Time! Someday This'll Work Out!


- JED's Drawings, Top Ten Reasons Why "His and Her..." is Superior to "Love Hina", Info on Big Apple Anime Fest, Interactive "Kick the Sniper's Ass" Mini-Game

5th DVD Contains 4 whole episodes!

18. COLLEGE! No Vacation is Forever! But JED Was Bored Anyway!

19. OUTCLASSED! The Whole Semester is Computer Work! What Happened to Hand Drawing?

20. BEFUDDLING! JED's Website Dissapears! Curse You, Angelfire!

21. FANBOY, PART 2! JED's Classmate Downloaded the "Final Fantasy Unlimited" TV Anime Series! Must Find Blank CDs!


- JED's Drawings, "Final Fantasy Unlimited" Advertisements, JED's Rants on Today's Computer Technology

6th DVD Contains 5 whole episodes!

22. BRITISH! JED is the 2nd Most Desirable Voice Actor in His Class! He Makes a Top-Notch Villain Character!

23. EXPERIMENTIVE! JED Needs New Music for Daily, Long Bus Trips! Avantasia-a-a-a-a-a-a!

24. CLOD! JED Saves His Projects at School Under the Wrong Files and Loses Them! You'd Think He'd Know by Now!

25. RELIEF! The Semester Ends and JED Manages to Get Everything and Pass! But it Was Too Close For Comfort!

26. AGAIN! Another Vacation for Over Two Weeks! Only Three Days Into It and JED is Already Bored!


- JED's Drawings, Musical Exerpts from Avantasia, Blind Guardian and More, Voice Exerpts from Various Sound Projects, Movie Short: JED Twiddles His Thumbs


To be continued... I guess...

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