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The organism behind the door is a friend... try not to bludgeon with toaster.

I've been out of it for a long time. Incidentally, with three weeks off from school, I decided to make the most of my time and just ignore the internet for the most part. Very simply, I don't like being depressed, and I noticed sitting in front of the computer at all hours doesn't help. So aside from close to three thousand pieces of crap mail, and almost everybody IMing me with the first line being, "Where've you been?", I'm actually quite glad to say my vacation is over starting today.

But this whole time has been very strange going from good to bad to good back to bad to even worse to much better to extremely good to neutral. I mean, could you really be bored with such topics and situations such as: Lord of the Rings, an ex-girlfriend, Christmas, goth comics, an ex-ex-girlfriend, schizophrenia, nymphomania, an almost relationship but only almost, made-up words like "choastic", the 365th day in row, Suikoden, a LOT of anime, a new story concept, approximately two visits to the city, two (surprisingly good) DiCaprio movies, sweet sixteens and the snipers who ruin them (serious about that one, actually), vanilla coke, crappy cartoons, annoying patrons at the library, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Aside from the corny partridge ending, that's basically a brief summary of the past three weeks in my life. Fairly exciting... fairly strange...

Well, since I actually have to get ready now, I'll be going. Um, yeah... that's it.

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