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Good news... but only sorta mostly good news.

I went to Utopia for the first time yesterday. Wowie zowie, do I like that place. Unfortunately, my lack of money somewhat ruined the experience, but it was still amazingly neat-o. It was like... Utopia... or something. I wanted to quit my job at the library to work there. Of course I didn't, but wanted to... and still do.

Gah... It still annoys me to know that it took me 18 goddamn years to find my niche in life, though. I might not have many of the problems I have now (namely girl trouble) had I not been so ignorant and lost.

I'm going back after Christmas... I need to go back. (with money) I lost my childhood to my own stupidity; I'm not losing my... whatever point of life this is actually called right now.

(Uh... is it just me, or did I sound more annoyingly whiny than usual just now...?

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